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Turn your idea into reality by Partnering with us into making your Product Design to Prototyping to Product Manufacturing. We are here to support you from Component Sourcing till Full scale Product final Production.

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Make Your Product Market Ready

Component Sourcing

We will source all the necessary components need for the product at best cost and quality possible from our trusted vendors across the globe.

Design and Prototyping

We will design the entire product from scratch including hardware and exterior finish and deliver the prototype in working as per industry standard.

Final Product Manufacturing

After careful and final validation of the prototype, we will start the manufacturing process of the product as per the design finalized and make it market ready.

PCB Customise OLatus
Can the product or idea be protected from further selling rights?

We will make a legal Non-Disclosure Agreement with our client for protecting the rights of the customer. We will abide by all terms and conditions as per the agreement and deliver the same legally.

How much time it will take to complete the production?

The first step for the project is planning and designing. After the final hardware is ready, we will move forward for PCB fabrication and component sourcing with assembly. The final stage will be the manufacturing and production, so the entire process might take up to 6months time to complete as maximum time frame.

How much will be cost of the customized product development?

The actual cost will vary depending upon the complexity of the product. However, our minimum research cost for any project or product development is INR 5000 which is best as per the competition.

Professional Hardware Customization on Demand

We provide hardware customization service as per the requirement and project type. We provide customization as efficiently as possible so that the system works in the most efficient way.

Apart from customization, we provide integrated Printed Circuit Board Designing, fabrication and Assemble for the customization hardware project.

The customer can also order prototype outer casing and layout for the custom hardware which we will provide in a 3D printed way. If, satisfied, we can go for the final Molding of the design and make the hardware circuit or product market ready.

So, in short we can customize, design, model and manufacture according to the need of our customer. 

We also have a range of White Labelled products which can be rebranded into your brand name and can be sold off. So now get exclusive products in your brand and boost your sales.

The different sectors that we work in includes Core Electronics, Automation both Smart and Industry, Control System, Smart analytics, IOT Hardware, Smart security System, Access Control System, Agriculture Automation,  Voice and Image Interface, RFID Control Systems, Electronic Hardware, Sensor Control System.

Send us your requirement now, and we provide the best quotation possible with best guaranteed results.

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OLatus brand

Own Your Brand

All our services for sourcing to manufacturing are white labelled and the final product will be in the customer’s Brand.

So the customer can inform us about their branding so that we can embed the same into the design and final product and make their product market ready with their brand.

Our Working Process or Flowchart

Feasibility Check of Client Idea

Design & Customization as per Need

Prototyping, Development & Testing

Final Product Manufacturing & Branding

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